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We don’t have control over the highs and lows of the labour market.
The same truths hold good in the web world as well – nothing lasts forever.


According to statistics, the classic old existing job portals are too formal and difficult to use for common men trying to find a job or an employee

Slowly, but surely, the clients of the job portals start to use social media for finding a job since adding a job ad takes way less time there and is way easier as well.
Time, though, is a decisive factor not only for you but for your future employer too. A CV that is not well-constructed and obscure may be left on the corner of the table to gather dust even if it contains magnificent abilities and a golden pair of hands.
What we are going to do is save both your and your employers time. With our visual- and textual-solution we impart your best qualities to your potential future employer. Our solution gives SinuCV.ee user a compact overview of your career and biggest accomplishments.
The most important thing is that the impression you want to give of you, your job or service would be easy to remember and understandable and to have your job and life description to be with a design language that is modern.
Why do we think so?
Because we know that we can do better!


We modernized the way to find a job and for that we created SinuCV.ee – your industrious assistant for leaving a good first impression on your way to new accomplishments!

On our trial period the experimenters verified that one’s CV has never looked so interesting and that the solution we worked out for SinuCV.ee gives a way more positive emotion than the old bureaucratic and formal black-and-white solutions.


From now on you are your own designer of your CV. You shape your future yourself.
SinuCV is a new portal for making your dreams come true!


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